Motherhood Becomes Me

Being a mum is the best thing that has happened to me.

I’ve always known I wanted to have children, even as a young girl. Although in my daydreams back then I would simply adopt two children whilst working as a lawyer by day, a stage actor at night, and a novelist on the side.

Marriage did find its way into my life as God willed it to. Just as He blessed me with an almost perfect husband (no human is totally perfect, after all). The news of pregnancy a year and half later brought an inexplicable inner joy to heart and warmth to my soul. Childbirth preparation and anticipation made me a better Christian as I daily prayed for my baby’s safety and my own, as well. The first time I held my son in my arms, my love for him simply overflowed. The bond I had with him grew stronger each day as a nursed him despite difficulties and obstacles that came my way. A feat my mum not only approved of, but also shared to others with pride. I never knew how much my mum truly loved me until I became a mother myself. I’m glad I was able to tell her so before she passed away when my eldest child was but a toddler.

The seemingly overwhelming emotion I felt for my son I thought would not and could not be matched. But I was wrong. The love I felt for the baby in my womb two years later grew as steadily as she did. Each day I am overwhelmed by my love for both my children. I sometimes say in jest that I like having a girl and a boy, because I can claim and declare that Elle is the daughter I love best and Raj is the son I love best.

Becoming a mum gives me the opportunities to acquire and practice virtues every day – patience in handling tantrums, temperance when on the verge of anger, fortitude in my faith, modeling charity towards others, justice in dealing with misbehaviour, prudence with material desires, courage to face parenting challenges.

Being a mum has also made me realise that my love for my children knows no bounds and that I would and could have more than enough love for them. Be they two or three or more.


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