Life is a Gift

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Last Sunday, Monsignor Ray Green acknowledged in his homily that the 10am Mass at Christ the King Parish was sponsored by the Filipino community and noted that the Philippines is the only Catholic country in the world, serving as a beacon for all Catholics around the globe. This, despite the challenges the country continues to face.

Yes, the Philippines is supposedly made up of 80% Catholics. But most, unfortunately, were just born into the religion without truly knowing, understanding, and accepting what it means to truly be a Catholic. Thus, the consequent continuous falling into sin left and right by most, and alas, including the pending deliberation of Congress on the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill that, as Wikipedia aptly describes, aims to guarantee universal access to methods and information on birth control and maternal care.

The bill not only promotes the use of contraceptive methods which is against the Catholic Church. Scripture condemns the act (Gen. 38:8–-10), as did all Christian denominations until 1930.

Worse, the Bill will make sex education mandatory from Grade 5  (students 10-11 years old). Sex is a sacred act that is reserved for those who have received the sacrament of marriage. Teaching sex education without moral implications and propagating the use of contraceptives using the legal system gives the false impression that it is all right to engage in sex, in and out of marriage (no matter what age), and that it is all right to prevent life from being conceived out of such act. A bill that advocates convenience for anyone at the potential expense of innocent and invaluable human life.

This afternoon the Philippine Catholic Church in around 13 cities around the country converged on the streets to simultaneously express opposition to the RH Bill.

On 7 August, the Philippine House of Representatives will decide to open final deliberation of the proposed law, on whether to continue floor debates or to put the measure to a vote.

Fellow pro-life advocates believe there is sufficient number in Congress to block passage of the measure, but no one is putting their guard down.

Thus, I beseech all Christians around the world who value God’s gift of life and the virtue of chastity to pray for the Philippines, for its faithful, and its lawmakers to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit and have the fortitude to put a stop to this malicious bill.



  1. I’ve been following this on another blog, I’m glad to see the struggle being written about on your blog. I pray the opposition works. You have a lovely, large extended family.

    • Thanks. You have a good large family — same number of kids as my eldest sister-in-law has. Good on you!

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