Just Let It Flow

Ever had one of those days that things just don’t work your way?

For me, it started last night, when my 9-year-old daughter got a bad tummy ache and started vomiting and kept on vomiting. She fell asleep around 10:30pm in my arms and my husband and I decided that if she sleeps through the night, that was that and all the bad stuff must have already gone out. Just when I was about to go to bed at 11:30pm, she got up and ran to the toilet to puke (again). Since our son was already in bed, my husband was the only one who went to the E.R. with her. I could’t sleep at first and wanted to wait up, to make sure she was all right. But at 1am, my eyes were dropping and after a couple of text exchanges with hubby (who insisted I go to bed already after assuring me that all was well — the doctor suspected the shrimps she ate for lunch), I fell asleep.

And today? Things have been off since this morning.

1. I tripped on the vaccum cleaner while my son was cleaning the lounge area (we were expecting family friends to come over for brunch), stubbed my toe and twisted my ankle a bit in the process;

2. I dropped the last egg we had on hand, what was supposed to be the 8th for the 2 spinach quiche recipes I was preparing;

3. We ran out of bread and I was supposed to make mini ham and cheese sandwiches;

4. The coffee maker wouldn’t work, try as we might, and our guests had already arrived. So instant coffee it was to the rescue;

5.  I have a Circle (meeting of a small group — all women in my case –for spiritual formation) at 2:30 this afternoon, but my daughter woke up at 1pm with a very high fever as a consequence of last night’s persistent vomiting (poor girl, how I wish I could be the one sick, instead of her). Ergo, I have to skip my Circle (which is only held once a month); and

6. It looks like my daughter and I won’t be hearing Mass tonight as planned. My son’s school has a Fun Run tomorrow morning and so we planned to go to the Anticipated Mass this evening. So that means either my daughter and I will have to catch the bus to church tomorrow morning, or hear Mass late in the afternoon.

But as Brittany Underwood‘s song “Flow” goes:

It won’t always go your way
And there are things you can’t control
Can’t let the stress affect your day
You’ve got to learn to let it flow

So I’m letting those discomforts/incoveniences just flow and offer them up to God.


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