Singing in the Rain

I blame Gene Kelly. It’s all his fault. Really. Him and his dimples and awesome dancing steps. And yes, his singing in the rain.

I was a young child when I first watched his movie, “Singing in the Rain”, and it was then that I fell in love with singing, dancing, and yes, the rain. I vividly remember taking baths in the rain even when I was already a tween, loving the rain drops that fell hard on my head. In high school, I even choreographed a dance number on the movie’s theme song as a requirement for P.E. Black umbrellas and all. We got a 96 as grade, as I recall. When I was already in the university, I walked under the rain so many times and went home drenched. My mom would give me one look and ask with resignation, “You walked in the rain again?”

Because of Gene Kelly, I always welcomed the rain. Well, save for the occasional thunders that came along with it. For most of my life, I had brontophobia, fear of thunder. I only got over it when my daughter was born, because I had to feign courage for her and consequently no longer had to make pretenses. Anyway, since I almost always liked the rain, I never got used to using an umbrella. Thus, getting wet whenever there would be storms. Back in the Philippines, there were quite a lot of those. Once, I even had to walk most of Taft Avenue (a very, very long road in Manila) under the rain.

These days, as much as I still like the rain, I prefer to be indoors when it pours; to snuggle under a blanket and drink a cup of hot coffee, while seated near a window to watch the rain and read a book.

New Zealand, however, has been experiencing a dryspell and Auckland was included in the drought coverage just last Friday. Lo and behold, after people were asked to pray for rain, it did just that. Saturday, Sunday, and today; with more rain expected tomorrow and the next day. Praise God!

So we’ll continue to pray for more rain and sing and dance for joy, for God is good and always takes care of his people.

Have I ever sang and danced in the rain? I’m no Gene Kelly or  Debbie Reynolds at that. But, yes, in my head, I have more than once sang THE song while walking in a certain rhythm in the rain with a somewhat silly, big grin on my face. Someday, perhaps, I’ll do so once again.


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