Celebrating Marriage as It is Rightly Defined

entourageFifteen years ago, my husband and I exchanged “I do’s” and  promised forever. That was on the 15th of August 1998.

We are among those blessed to get married on the Feast of Our Lady of Assumption. We didn’t actually plan to, but Our Lady must surely have had a hand on the date.  We wanted to get married in August, and when we went to the parish registrar to reserve a Saturday afternoon, the 8th was already fully booked; the 22nd would have been my mother’s birthday and I didn’t want my wedding to overshadow her special day. It was not until a few days later that we realised we were going to get married on the Assumption.

Marriage is sacred and ours has been doubly blessed.  As one of our close friends told us a few years back, we receive more blessings on every anniversary, since everyone in our circle of friends would hear Mass and remember to include us in their prayers.

T’is sad, though, that a day later — today — same-sex marriage in New Zealand becomes a reality as 31 gay couples wed today. Cyberspace and media here in NZ are all abuzz about it.

The New Zealand government may have erroneously redefined marriage, but for us Christians, only its use has been changed. The definition of marriage remains the same.

Nonetheless, as National Director of Family First NZ and co-ordinator of the Protect Marriage campaign Bob McCoskrie says, “Despite their grandiose view, the politicians never had the authority to redefine marriage – and their efforts only mask reality. They committed an arrogant act of cultural vandalism with no clear public mandate.”

McCoskrie adds: “For millions and millions of people worldwide, marriage is a specific culturally and historically bound institution[1]. Civil unions were always argued to be an acceptable alternative[2], and there was no need to change the current legislation[3].”

“Marriage will always maintain its cultural, natural and historical definition of the lifetime commitment of one man one woman.”

“Social engineers including politicians and activists are expecting marriage supporters to drop their deeply held convictions because of the misguided decisions of politicians.”

Thus, my family and I celebrate marriage as it is rightly defined. We will continue to do so, as well as teach our children and their future children to uphold the Sacrament of Marriage.


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